Without information, individuals and institutions are often forced to make crucial decisions based on sketchy, conflicting reports, and best guesses. It would be to the benefit of many if there were a tool to help decision-makers and disaster responders to plan for the appropriate level of response even while at the Disaster Preparedness phase, still.

Such that tool is the Predictive Analytics for Humanitarian Response (PAHR). It helps in making predictions on potential disaster events to prepare for the appropriate level of humanitarian response using mathematical theories, scientific processes, and spatial technologies based on current and historical data.

7.2-Magnitude Earthquake (“The Big One”)


Below is the Predictive Analytics for Humanitarian Response for the 7.2-Magnitude Earthquake or “The Big One”. The images below show what areas are most exposed from ground shaking as well as the required relief resources should the strong earthquake strike.

SW Monsoon 10 Aug 2016



STS Carina


image (1)

image (2)

Mt. Bulusan


Mt. Kanlaon


SW Monsoon due to TY Butchoy


Habagat ni Butchoy MAP B final

Habagat ni Butchoy MAP A final